By whom

Textile-link is initiated by Ellen Bakker, an independent graphic designer, web designer and owner of design agency

Ellen Bakker
Shape and colour are important elements in my life, both in my work as a graphic designer and in my spare time as an enthusiastic felt artist. Planning and designing books is a favourite part of my work activities. Early 2012, the first book I put together was published: 'Felting for me is . . .' The many positive reactions that I received when it came out stimulated me to continue on the path that I had taken. In the meantime 3 more books have been published. And 1 more book on the way . . . Worldwide colours of felt.

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Ricarda Aßmann
The third book of Textile-link: 'FeltPassion', is a collaboration with Ricarda Aßmann from Germany. Ricarda ordered the German version of 'Felting for me is …' and we stayed in contact through Facebook and later met in person. 
Through our joint interest in felt and books we soon got the idea to work on the project 'FeltPassion' together. This time, with felt artists living or born in German-speaking countries.

Dorothé Swinkels
A couple of years ago I met Dorothé at a felt artist friend of mine. Apparently, she worked for Dutch magazine Textielplus. While the book 'Textile is Alive!' was in preparation, she offered to help sort out the large amount of submitted pictures. Thanks to her great knowledge of textile, she provided a major contribution.
Dorothé is also closely involved in the project TextileArt around the world.