The textile designs from Colors of Ellen are characterised by a combination of graphic patterns, transparency, extraordinary color schemes and use of material. The designs and fabrics are an accumulation of Ellen Bakker's many years of experience as a graphic designer and her passion for textile art.

Ellen 'thinks' in colors and shapes and draws inspiration from everyday things and special events. Experimenting with colors, shapes and materials give rise to unprecedented possibilities.

A variation of products in stock

'Colors of Ellen' has a variation of products in stock, which are available from the webshop. There are silk scarves of different sizes, wraps of silk and wool, fabrics available per meter, etc. All fabrics are hand painted, digitally printed or a combination of techniques.

These are but a few examples of the wide range of possibilities. Have a look and make a choice, or find inspiration in a fabric, scarf or other application, just the way you want it. Exclusively designed for you. All products are dispatched worldwide.

Designs for an unforgettable moment

Every now and then, there will be a special event, a milestone in your life that deserves some extra attention. Something you look forward to, something to celebrate, something of which you’d like to cherish the memory.

Feel special in a scarf, a fabric or a wrap designed especially for you. You may add color to the moment with a wall hanging made entirely to your tastes.

Contact us well in advance and experience the joy that 'Colors of Ellen' can bring. The possibilities are endless.


Discover the creativity in yourself and learn step by step the surprising possibilities of silk painting. The workshops offer a great deal of freedom to experiment fully. You can endlessly make samples on silk fabrics, or make a final product, such as a nice smooth silk scarf.

The workshops are held at various locations in the Netherlands and abroad. Workshop schedule.

Are you interested? Please contact Ellen Bakker:

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