Handpainted silk fabric

Colorsofellen has a varying stock of different types of silk fabrics for clothing or interior. All fabrics are handpainted or provided with digitally printed, graphic designs. 

About the fabrics of Colorsofellen

Each fabric design is unique and is created by Ellen Bakker. Wish to have your own exclusive fabric made especially for you?
Please contact us through info@colorsofellen.com.
Choose your own size, material, colour and pattern.

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Handpainted silk fabric 300-07

Handpainted silk fabric 300-07

Silk fabric crêpe de Chine 16. The silk is handpainted.

Very well suited to make a blouse, shirt, tunic or dress, for example.
This smooth, handpainted silk fabric is not stitched at the edges.
Size: 100x138 cm
€ 140.00