How do I create an account?

After filling in the form on textile-link.com, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation and a link. If you do not receive an e-mail, there may be several reasons:

  • Check whether the e-mail message has not been filtered to your SPAM folder;
  • Check whether you have submitted the correct e-mail address;
  • Check whether you have clicked on the button to 'create account' at the bottom of the form.

In the first two cases, your archive has been made. You may check this by logging in to www.textile-link.com with your e-mail address and password.
In the third case, your account has not been made and you will need to fill in the form again.
If you still cannot succeed in creating an account, then please contact Ellen Bakker at info@textiellink.nl

How do I upload images to my archive?

Once you have filled out the form, an archive will be made for you, where you can upload your photographs.

  • Log in using your email address and password.
  • Drag your images to the upload box.
  • Or click on to the box to use the regular select method.

If you cannot succeed in uploading your files, please contact Ellen Bakker at info@textiellink.nl.

Is it possible to change/remove my archive?

You can always add new files and/or remove old files.

Will I receive a free copy when my work gets published?

Participation in book projects of Textile-link is completely free and has no obligation to purchase books.

Because of the many participants per publication it is unfortunately not possible to give everyone a free copy. But as an archive holder you do get the possibility to order books with an attractive participant discount (about 30% off the recommended selling price).

Being published in an edition of Textile-link offers a lot of free publicity and increases the public’s awareness in your individual brand. The listed participants' websites are visited more frequently and artists are regularly invited to exhibit their work.

Together we make books!

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