Information about participation

Registration and uploading photographs

You can easily create an account using the registration form. After submitting this, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration and then you can upload images and manage them.
Your account will only be viewable by Textiellink and yourself. You may always add or remove images, so as to keep your account up-to-date. Photographic material will be stored for at least one year.

Free of charge

Participation is simple and free of charge. Also, when your work is published, you will not be charged for this. Moreover, participants whose work is published will have the opportunity to order books at a participants' discount.


Depending on the type of book that is developed, we will make a selection of the submitted material. In doing so, we pay attention to individual character, versatility, variation, originality, quality and distinguishing ability.

Always in contact prior to publication

By creating an account on Textiellink you automatically consent to publication of images of your work in books published by Textiellink and/or promotion thereof.
If the idea for a book arises, for which your type of art work is suitable, we will first contact you to see whether your information is still correct and your work still up-to-date. Once this is confirmed, your images will be actually used for a book. This way, you will not be faced with anything unexpected.

No guarantee

Sending in images is no guarantee that they will actually be used. An assessment is made to see which submitted works are suited best for the books to be published.

Quality of picture files

  • Please provide as large as possible files with as many pixels as possible.
  • The material should preferably be photographed against a neutral background, or else in keeping with the work of art.
  • It would be nice to receive a substantial number of photographs. At least 6, no more than 30 photographs.
  • Please submit photos that provide a general view and close-ups.
  • Photographs that have not been cut are preferred.
  • Please also upload a photograph of yourself in your archive. Preferably with some space around.


None of the information submitted shall be used for other purposes than for publication in a book and the promotion for this. Personal data and work uploaded by you are only accessible for viewing and controlling by Textiellink and yourself. 

Ultimate responsibility

The ultimate responsibility for the compilation, content, design and editing of a book lies with Textile-link to the full extent.

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