Worldwide colours of felt


‘Worldwide colours of felt’ is out now!

The book ‘Worldwide colours of felt’ surprisingly bundles together unique and beautiful works of felt from over 40 countries to form a feast of colour and inspiration. Over 500 artists from across the world add colour to this remarkable project. Felt objects, clothing, figures, jewels and utensils are displayed in cheerful red, cool blue, serene white, mysterious purple . . . In ten chapters, every colour will fully manifest itself, as all are preceded by a short story in which a participant tells something about her favourite colour. Over 800 images are accompanied by portrait photographs of the artists and their web address.

Together we make books

Textile-link is a platform for everyone with a passion for textile art. Artists can upload photographs of their work in their own archives and stand the chance to have their work published in one of the future art books by Textile-link. Making extraordinary books together, to inspire, share knowledge and to enjoy, that is the idea behind Textile-link.


Many extraordinary textile objects of over 1,500 textile artists from all over the world have found a place in one of the five books of Textile-link. Two of these earlier publications display a broad outlook on textile art in all its facets and possibilities. Three specials provide an overview of the countless applications of felt art.

Come and participate!

Would you like your art objects, jewellery, interior design objects, clothing, accessories and other art expressions to stand the chance to have a spot in one of the next inspirational books fro Textile-link? Then create a digital archive on our website. Upload images of your best work and experience how easy this is to do. Participation is always free.