Worldwide colours of felt

The book ‘Worldwide colours of felt’ surprisingly bundles together unique and beautiful works of felt from over 40 countries to form a feast of colour and inspiration. 

Over 500 artists from across the world add colour to this remarkable project. Felt objects, clothing, figures, hats, shoes, toys, jewels, utensils, tapestries... are displayed in cheerful red, cool blue, serene white, mysterious purple . . . 

The theme in this new edition of Textile-link is colour, which is apparent from the title. Extraordinary about this book is the division into ten different colour chapters. Each chapter starts with a personal story in which an artist explains about her favourite colour.

Over 800 images are accompanied by portrait photographs of the artists and their web address.

Worldwide colours of felt

  • Vertical format 280x210 mm
  • Hardcover
  • Over 800 images
  • Over 500 artists
  • 168 pages
  • Trilingual edition (English, Dutch, German)
€ 32.50 Per piece

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